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Shoes and Backpacks

July 22, 2009

If your kids are like mine, they come home from school and drop their shoes and backpacks right inside the front door. Lame. Not fun to trip over and our Vizsla (Hungarian pointer) loves to grab shoes and greet people with them. The shoes, of course, end up in a pasture not to be found for days or weeks. Really lame.

Here’s what I did. I converted our typical entry closet into adjustable shelves divided down the middle. We adjusted the shelves to create cubbies for each kids back pack and shoes. Now they each have a place to plunk their stuff. I put coat hooks on the sides. This actually works most of the time. Kids like having a place for stuff.

We have a motto…shoes are either on your feet or in your cubby. Never again (almost never) will you be waiting in your SUV for little Johnny while he searches for his left sneaker.

Don Farwell –