Some No-Nos of Closet Design


Maximize your space.  Here’s a rule of thumb…if you can see any of the back wall of the closet, you can maximize more.  By creating sections for double-hanging, long-hanging, shoes, and shelves for folded clothes, you can double and triple storage space and efficiency.  Besides, it is so much easier to find items and stay organized if everything has a place.

Shelving will sag.  It’s a fact of life.  Doesn’t matter if its plywood, melamine, whatever.  Never make book shelves more than 24 inches wide.  Go even smaller if you can.  Any shelves over 30 inches will eventually sag if they have more than just folded clothes on them.  If you plan on storing boxes, books, or anything with substantial weight, you will need to support shelves with something…brackets, metal or wood stiffeners, cleats, a divider, something.

Watch your hanging clothes.  I’ve been in hundreds of closets where the carpenter, closet designer, or customer has hanging clothes on both sides of a five foot wide closet.  Lame.  Hanging clothes need 24” from the wall…so in the example above there is only one foot to walk! Oops!  We tear these lame designs out all the time. Keep it simple and leave plenty of clearance.

Don Farwell –


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